Chatter: Tonight’s meeting at the ICT

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Chairman Rehmatullah Mir, in a tan shirt, and Vice-chairman Kamel Didan, in a blue and white button up, are congratulated the night they were elected to the Islamic Center of Tucson’s Board of Trustees in late March. Tonight will be the Islamic Center’s first General Assembly meeting under their leadership. (Amer Taleb)

General Assembly meetings at the Islamic Center of Tucson are supposed to inform the community on the achievements of the Islamic Center’s Board and their plans for the future. When Rehmatullah Mir, Kamel Didan and the other five board members take their seats at tonight’s meeting at the Islamic Center, it’ll be the first time the Muslim community sits in on a meeting under their leadership.

Amendments to the Islamic Center’s Constitution will be discussed and then voted on.

What are you expecting out of tonight’s meeting? How will you measure if it was successful?

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4 Comments on "Chatter: Tonight’s meeting at the ICT"

  1. Lee Delamater May 11, 2012 at 3:34 pm · Reply

    I hope the board will consider that new Muslims come and then leave because there is very little outreach to them, especially for the women. The ICT seems to be very good at outreach programs in the Tucson community and that is wonderful, Masha Allah, but when it comes to its own people, newer and older converts there is a gap.

  2. Maria May 11, 2012 at 5:21 pm · Reply

    Good attendance, civil and productive

  3. Haroon Rashid Bhatti September 6, 2012 at 7:01 pm · Reply


    I am an Alumni of University of Arizona from class of 93. It is great to see some old faces including the chairman, Mr. Rehmatullah Mir ( a dear friend). I request his contact no. or an e-mail from him


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